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Driving Conversations – From Interruption to Involvement

Talks about the changing trends in the digital world. Days, where digital was considered to be another medium where brands, businesses or service providers could replicate and broadcast to customers, are gone. Digital has evolved extensively, putting your customer in driving seat; he controls where your brand is to be heading towards and at what speed.

This new found strength and control that the digital native enjoys demands brands to play a less interruption and a more “involvement” specific role. Customers now expect the brands to answer; “What value does it add?” Rather “What product are you selling?’

Perhaps that is why the idea of “customer support excellence”, user experience, instead of the typical “we need a great website” have taken top priority among the businesses that are fast heading towards digital transformation.

How is that being achieved? What components come together to ensure this transformation is in the best interest of the business?