Chief Design Officer @ IDEATE Innovation

Aneeqa Ishaq is a User Experience Designer and Design Thinker, and design community leader. She is the Chief Design Officer of IDEATE Innovation — an Islamabad-based design and innovation consultancy working with leading brands in Pakistan. She is also UX Group Lead at OPEN Islamabad. Aneeqa was previously

Manager Customer Experience and Service Design at Telenor Pakistan. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from NUST, Aneeqa joined International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva — a specialized agency of the United Nations — as a Research Consultant. At ITU, Aneeqa researched powerful educational technologies to promote Internet access at schools and communities. It was here, where she learned the impact of designing solutions that put people before technology, rather than the other way around. This inspired her to formally study Design in a Master’s degree from Stanford University.

Over the past five years, Aneeqa has amassed diverse experience in the design industry. From exposing 1,000+ professionals to UX Design and Design Thinking through talks, interactive workshops and boot camps across Pakistan to designing products, solutions and programs for companies, clients and collaborators such as PTCL, Nestle Pakistan, HP Labs, Lutron Electronics, and NUST Business School (NBS) — she is a one-woman design army leading the Design Thinking movement in Pakistan. Among other achievements, Aneeqa’s design education work at NBS was recently featured on Tech in Asia and The Express Tribune.