Creative Director @ Blitz Advertising

I, Aamir Mallick.
In a nutshell, I’m a nut in a shell. My wish is to be the mighty oak which was once a nut like me. Having enjoyed the best of both worlds — advertising and journalism — I still think I haven’t had enough or done much. I spell my name with a double ‘A’ (the extra ‘A’ is for Attitude). Imagination is the wilderness where I hunt for ideas — all kinds — big and small, wise and wonderful, monstrous and benevolent, attractive and disruptive. The mind is my weapon and I use it as a stupid man would use his gun. Copy is my forte, and originality is my driving force. I’ve mastered the art of putting in 25 hours in a 24-hour day. To borrow the words of my favorite poet, Robert Frost: And miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep… Rest, for me, is history. I only live to think, because…
I think, therefore…
I, AM.

Website: http://www.anythinkmedia.com/